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Conference 2012

”Interpretation and Evaluation of Art”

2012 Annual conference of The Nordic Society of Aesthetics, Uppsala University, 31 May - 2 June.



The nature and function of interpretation and evaluation in the humanities in general and in aesthetic disciplines in particular is the subject of a never-ending debate in general philosophy and philosophical aesthetics. Interpreting and evaluating works of art is a central concern in aesthetic disciplines (art history, literature, music, film, etc.) both from a theoretical and practical point of view. Among other things the interpretation and evaluation of art and works of art raises problems concerning the validity and adequacy of interpretations and the rationality of evaluations.

We welcome papers dealing with interpretation in the arts and evaluation of art in general as well as questions concerning interpretation and evaluation in specific artforms and of particular works of art and designed artifacts. Doctoral students who do not wish to present a complete paper are invited to give a “short paper” presenting their work in progress. If we receive a sufficient number of proposals for “short papers” we will organize workshops supervised by senior researchers.

Please fill in the application form and return it before 10 January 2012 to:



For a complete paper 30 minutes is allotted and 15 minutes for discussion, for a “short paper” 15 minutes followed by 15 minutes discussion. If we receive more proposals for papers than we can accommodate, we will have to make a selection. It is of course possible to attend without presenting a paper. Those who wish to present a paper are requested to send in an abstract of about 1 page before 10 January 2012 together with the application form.