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Conference 2018

Conflicts - Antagonisms, Agonies, Affects

The Nordic Society of Aesthetics, Annual Meeting 2018
Paris, 31.5.-2.6.2018 


The Nordic Society of Aesthetics will organize the 2018 Annual Conference and Meeting in three Nordic centers in Paris from May 31st to June 2nd on the theme “Conflicts – Antagonisms, Agonies, Affects.”


Given the political horizon of the 21st century, an era marked by necropolitics, neoliberalism and ubiquitous computing, we invite scholars to investigate the various aesthetic practices and theories that can be used to explore the tensions, sufferings and modes of experience that are parts of the fabric of everyday reality almost twenty years into the century. By suggesting a cluster of concepts – antagonisms, agonies, affects – that in various, non-symmetrical and transversal ways articulate these tensions, we are interested in exploring ways in which art and various forms of aesthetics experience may be seen to mediate or register. Instances of this may be the aesthetic and affective dimensions of conflicts, protests and wars; internal conflicts within the fields of art and aesthetics; dissensual and antagonistic/ agonistic artistic and aesthetic practices; etc.

In addition, we welcome proposals engaging with the other side of conflict; reconciliation, as articulated within the tradition of philosophical aesthetic and art theory. Whether formulated as a formal principle, a problematic ideological notion, or as the ultimate ethical horizon of aesthetic experience, reconciliation in its many conceptual declinations has been a notion that informs the modern discourses of art. While the notion of reconciliation in no way provides the only master trope of modern aesthetics, it has been a central principle to some of the most influential narratives of emancipatory aesthetics providing a bridge between politics and art, the many and the one, culture and nature.

We strongly encourage scholars to form panels to discuss issues mentioned above, and submit a panel proposal. The time allocated for a panel consisting of 3-4 contributions is 60 minutes. We look also forward to receiving proposals for individual papers. Time allocated for a paper is 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for discussion. Please send abstracts not exceeding 500 words (panels) or 300 words (individual papers) to NSEParis2018@mail.com



Further description and call for Panels and Papers