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Conference 2013

Conference 2013



The Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Arts and Ideas will arrange the 2013 annual conference of the Nordic Society for Aesthetics in Oslo. The theme of the conference is “Gesture” and it will take place from May 30 – June 1, 2013 (from Thursday noon through Saturday evening).


The use of gesticulation has always been a means by which human beings have expressed themselves. Being bodily rather than conceptual its logos lies outside language. Within the fields of art and aesthetics, gesture implies an opening process as a distinctive way of cognition as well as an approach to a particular quality of some works. When François Lyotard connects the artwork with gesture, he underlines that the work creates itself through gesture, through process and Roland Barthes links gesture with the event, that which makes the effect, both opening for gesture as a part of the artwork and transgressing the work. For Adorno the gestural in music was a central topic and Wittgenstein spoke of architecture as a gesture. Part of our aesthetic experience and of our “answer” to artworks is always gestural.

The conference asks for papers on both contemporary as well as on classical and historical issues and suggested topics of interest would include questions related to aesthetic experience in general as well as visual art, architecture, music, and literature. 


Keynote speakers:

Gottfried Boehm, Basel

Julian Johnson, London

Rainer Nägele, Santa Barbara

John Ricco, Toronto

Lilian Munk Rösing, Copenhagen.


Abstract proposals of no more than 200 words should be sent before February 15 to Bente Larsen, bente.larsen@ifikk.uio.no

N.B. Participation without paper is welcome as well - however we kindly ask that you register via the above e-mail address.

PhD students are strongly encouraged to submit a proposal.


Conference website

Conference venue: Georg Morgenstiernes hus, Blindernveien 31, University of Oslo






University of Oslo 31 May – 1 June 2013

Georg Morgenstiernes hus

Blindernveien 31

0313 OSLO




Thursday 30 May


12.15-12.45     Registration:  Georg Morgenstiernes hus

12.45-13.00     Welcome  (Arne Næss Aud.)


13.00-14.15     Plenary lecture (Arne Næss Aud., chair: Morten Kyndrup)

Rainer Nägele: “Caesura: The Transformation of Gesticulation into the language of Gesture (Brecht, Artaud and Benjamin)”


14.15-14.45     Coffee break


Session 1.        (room 152, chair: Britt Standhagen)

14.45-15.25    Wolfram Bergande: “The imperceptible gesture and the deconstruction of communication”

15.30-16.10    Oiva Kuisma: “The possibilities of the romantic form in Hegel’s aesthetics”

16.15-17.00    Jensen Suther: “Lucács and Adorno on Kierkegaard: The Gesture of the Aesthetics”


Session 2.        (room 219, Chair: Åsa Arketeg)

14.45-15.25    Arto Haapala:  “On What Everyday Aesthetics Is Really About: A Gesture Towards Thomas Leddy”

15.30-16.10     Tsugami Eske: “Rhythm as Dance: The Opera Form and the Manuscript Transmission of Aristotle's Poetics”

16.15-17.00    Karl Axelsson: British Instrumentalism and the Motions of a Neoclassical Body Politic


17.00               Reception at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas








Friday 31 May


9.00-10.15      Plenary lecture (Arne Næss Aud., chair: Arto Haapala)

                        Julian Johnson: “The particularity of musical gesture”


10.15-10.30    Coffee break


Session 1.        (room 152, chair: Anna-Lena Carlsson)

10.30-11.10    Peter Edwards: “Gesture and the Poetics of Musical Modernism”

11.15-11.55    Peter Spissky: “Ups and Downs, or Bowing in Time”

12.00-12.40    Kalle Poulakka: “Last Gestures: Parody and Musical Quotations in Shostakovichs 15th Symphony”


Session 2.        (room  219, chair: Susanne Sætre)

10.30-11.10     Anders Pettersson: “Application – how readers relate literary texts to real life”

11.15-11.55    Sara Rundgren Yazdani: “Space, bodies and desire in the photographic work by Petar Hujar”

12.00-12.40     Jacob Lund: “Showing the gestus of testimony”


12.40-13.30     Lunch break


13.30-14.45     Plenary lecture (Arne Næss Aud.: Chair: Bente Larsen)

                        Gottfried Boehm: “Gesture and Image. On the Genesis of Iconic Meaning”


14.45-15.00     Coffee break


Session 1.        (room 152, chair: Kalle Puolakka)

15.00-15.40    Eva Løveid Mølster: “Gesture as Method in Higher Art Education”

15.40-16.20    Kaisa Mäki- Pätjä: “Signs of Human Presence – Creating Engagement trough Gestures in Reconstructed Historical Interiors”

16.20-17.00    Veera Launis: “Encountering Dirt, Regaining Order: A Phenomenological Approach to Cleaning.”


Session 2.        (room 219, chair: Karl Axelsson )

15.00-16.00    Nguyen Than Thuy and Stefan Östersjö: “Inside/Outside: transforming gestural sonorous objects from Vietnamese TV shows”

16.00-17.00    Kamilla Freyr and Åsa Arketeg: “The Space Between: The Presentation of Conceptual Art as Gestural Practice at Moderna Museet”





17.00-18.00:   Annual meeting of the Nordic Society of Aesthetics (room: 219)








Saturday 1 June


9.00-10.15      Plenary lecture (Arne Næss Aud., chair: Bente Larsen)

                        John Paul Ricco: “The Separated Gesture or, The Inoperative Praxis of the Already-Unmade”


10.15-10.30    Coffe break


Session 1.      (room 152, chair: Jacob Lund)

10.30-11.10    Gustav Jørgen Pedersen: “On reading gestures: aesthetics and empathy”

11.15-11.55    Zornitsa Dimitrova: “Gesture From Expression to Sense”

12.00-12.40    Susanne Ø. Sæther: “Gesture and/as Mediality: Agamben Cinema”

12.45-13.25    Ana Rita Ferreira: “From movement to gesture: the dual temporality of art”


Session 2.       (room 219, chair: Britt Standhagen)

10.30-11.10    Ole Martin Skilleås: “Trust and Calibration in Aesthetic Judgements”

11.15-11.55    Anstein Gregersen: “The Authority and Expression: Liberating Gestures”

12.00-12.40    Andrew Huddleston: “Finding Content in Absolute Music”

12.45-13.25    Peter Williams: “The Rhythms of Gesture: The Curious Case of Stephan Dedalus and Minimalist Art.”


13.25-14.00    Lunch break


14.00-15.15    Plenary lecture, (Arne Næss Aud., chair: Jacob Lund)

Lilian Munk Rössing: “Gesture, Colour, and Affect”.


15.15-15.30    Coffee break


Session 1.        (room 152, chair: Kalle Puolakka)

15.30-16.10    Anna- Lena Carlsson: “Design Gestures. Playing with ‘Affordance’ and the concept of ‘design’ ”

16.10-16.50    Gabriele Oropallo: “Resignation as Resistance: AG Fronzoni’s Anti – Historicist Design”

16.50-17.30    Sanna Lehtinen: “Spatial Gestures in the Process of Operating Everyday Environment – Changes in Aesthetic Experience?”



Session 2.        (room  219, chair: Karl Axelsson)

15.30-16.10    Nina Marie Andersen: “The gesture of criticism in appreciation of landscape architecture”

16.10-16.50:    Daniel Blanga-Gubbay: Gestures: a life on the threshold of the body.



19.30               Conference dinner at The Norwegian Academy of Sciences




PDF-version of the program