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No. 22 (2000)

Katarina Elam: Apprehension, Magic, and Incarnated Beliefs: A Discussion of Sartre's Theory of the Emotions (pdf)

Ylca Jabel: The Paradoxes of Paradisiac Nudity: Fascist Aesthetics and Medicalised Discourse in the 1930's Nudist Movenemt, Health through Nude Culture (pdf)

Susanne Jansson: Style as Experience (pdf)

Jari Kaupinnen: Experience and Place: Phenomenology, atopology and the body (pdf)

Bente Larsten: The Fragmented Body - A Study of some Aesthetic Implications of Théodore Géricalut's Body Fragment Paintings (pdf)

Anne Marie Olesen: The Concept of (Aesthetic) Experience in Gadamer's Hermeneutics and its Anthropololical Implications (pdf)

Ulrik Voglsten: Music and the Ideological Body (pdf)

Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg: Beckett's Disorientated Bodies (pdf)