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No. 23 (2001)

Cheryl Foster & Arto Haapla: Living with Anna Karenina. On the Ontology of Literary Characters (pdf)

Krzysztof Guczalski: Phenomenological and Analytic Aesthetics of Music. On the Views of Susanne Langer and Roman Ingarden (pdf)

Jakob Steinbrenner: Warhol's Discovery and Danto's Philosophical Transfiguration Aesthetics and the History of the Arts (pdf)

Ales Erjavec: Art Beyond Aesthetics. Or, The Consequence of Promiscuity (pdf)

Ragni Linnet: An Art of Blindness. Kierkegaard and the Nature of Pictures (pdf)

Anders Pettersson: Definitions of "Art" and Their Intended Import (pdf)

Stefán Snævarr: The Med of the Giant. On Literature and Discourse Ethics (pdf)