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No. 29-30 (2004)

Morten Kyndrup: Preface: Aesthetic Experience and Art (pdf)

Carsten Friberg: Aesthetic Experience without Art (pdf)

Karl Hansson: Screening the Figural in Film and New Art Media (pdf)

Martta Heikkila: Jean-Luc Nancy: Presentation and the Interval of Art (pdf)

Maria Hirvi: The Aesthetic Experience and the Gesture of Exposure (pdf)

Tine Engel Mogensen: Love and Art Strike Back: A. S. Byatt's Possession: A Romance (pdf)

Jacob Lund Pedersen: Enunciation, Subjectivity and Neutrality: Artistic Experience in Samuel Beckett (pdf)

Anna-Sofia Rossholm: Sound, Text, and Identity: A Reading of Fritz Lang's The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (pdf)

Max Ryynanen: The Double Life of Jeff Koon's Made in Heaven Glass Artworks (pdf)

Birgitte Stougaard: Gesture in Music and Literature - Virginia Woolf (pdf)

Notes on Contributors (pdf)