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No. 36-37 (2009)

Editorial (pdf)

"The glimpse of hope that religion or politics can no longer promise..." An Interview with Thierry de Duve (pdf)

Ingebjørg Seip: "Towards an Aesthetics of Reversibility, or What Merleau-Ponty did not want to learn from Kant" (pdf)

Birgit Eriksson: "On Common Tastes: Heterogeneity and Hierarchies in Contemporary Cultural Consumption" (pdf)

Larry Shiner: "Temptation to Self-Indulgence? Aesthetics and Function in Recent Art Museum Design" (pdf)

Anders V. Munch: "Architecture as Multimedia: Jean Nouvel, the DR Concert Hall, and the Gesamtkunstwerk" (pdf)

Dagmar Mirbach: “ agnitudo aesthetica , Aesthetic Greatness: Ethical Aspects of Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten’s Fragmentary Aesthetica" (pdf)

Stefán Snævarr: "Shusterman on Europe, Entertainment, and Equality" (pdf)

Richard Shusterman: "Context and Cultural Understanding" (pdf)

Review of Stefán Snævarr’s Kunstfilosofi: En kritisk innføring by Søren Kjørup (pdf)

Books received (pdf)

Contributors (pdf)