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No. 39

No. 39 (2010)

Editorial (pdf)

Morten Kyndrup: Aesthetics and its Future. Problems and Perspectives (pdf)

Gernot Böhme: On Beauty (pdf)

Christoph Menke: Not Yet. The Philosophical Significance of Aesthetics (pdf)

Risto Pitkänen: Art and its History (pdf)

Siglind Bruhn: Explorations of Universal Order and Beauty in Paul Hindemith’s Symphony Die Harmonie der Welt (pdf)

Karlheinz Lüdeking: The Limits of Conceptual Analysis in Aesthetics (pdf)

Review: Morten Kyndrup, Den æstetiske relation (Sven-olov Wallenstein) (pdf)

Review: Kristin Gjesdal, Gadamer and the Legacy of German Idealism (Kalle Puolakka) (pdf)

Review: Ulrika Björk, Poetics of Subjectivity: Existence and Expression in Simone de Beauvoir’s Philosophy (Saara Hacklin) (pdf)

Publications of aesthetic interest (pdf)

Contributors (pdf)