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No. 40-41 (2010-2011)

No. 40-41 (2010-2011)

Editorial (pdf)

Karsten Harries: What Need is There for an Environmental Aesthetics? (pdf)

Crispin Sartwell: The Shape of the World: What if Aesthetic Properties Were Real? (pdf)

María José Alcaraz León: Morally Wrong Beauty as a Source of Value (pdf)

Tom Sparrow: Plasticity and Aesthetic Identity; or, Why We Need a Spinozist Aesthetics (pdf)

Hanne Appelqvist: Form and Freedom: The Kantian Ethos of Musical Formalism (pdf)

Antony Fredriksson: Environmental Aesthetics Beyond the Dialectics of Interest and Disinterest. Deconstructing the Myth of Pristine Nature (pdf)

Carlo Volf: Light and the Aesthetics of Perception (pdf)

Nathalie Heinich: The Making of Cultural Heritage (pdf)

Kimmo Sarje: Façades and Functions. Sigurd Frosterus as a Critic of Architecture (pdf)

Review: Per Nilsson, The Amphibian Stand: A Philosophical Essay Concerning Research Processes in Fine Art (Stefán Snævarr) (pdf)

Review: Mikkel Bolt, Avantgardens selvmord (Jesper Olsson) (pdf)

Contributors (pdf)