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No. 42 (2012)

No. 42 (2012)

Editorial (pdf)

MARTIN SEEL: The Music of Thinking (pdf)

NOËL CARROLL: Art in an Expanded Field. Wittgenstein and Aesthetics (pdf)

ASBJØRN GRØNSTAD:  Is There a Transmedial Dispositif? Aesthetic Epistemes and the Question of Disciplinarity (pdf)

ESPEN DAHL: Receiving Newman. Formalism, Minimalism, and their Philosophical Preconditions (pdf)

JACOB LUND: An Ethically Nonindifferent Aesthetics. An Interview with Mieke Bal (pdf)

Review. MARTIN ZERLANG: Carsten Thau, Arkitekturen som tidsmaskine (pdf)

Review. KALLE POULAKKA: Elisabeth Schellekens, Aesthetics and Morality (pdf)

Review. SVEND ERIK LARSEN: Mieke Bal, Loving Yusuf: Conceptual Travels from Present to Past (pdf)

Publications of aesthetic interest (pdf)

Contributors (pdf)