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No. 43 (2012)

No. 43 (2012)


Editorial (pdf)

HENRIK KAARE NIELSEN: Aesthetic Judgement and Political Judgement (pdf)

LOTTE PHILIPSEN: The Myth of Emancipation through Interaction. On the Relationship between Interactive Dimensions and Emancipating Potentials of Contemporary (Digital) Art (pdf)

CATO WITTUSEN: Exalting Points of View. A Discussion of Michael Fried’s Interpretation of Wittgenstein’s Contribution to Aesthetic Thought (pdf)

ANDREA SAUCHELLI: On Architecture as a Spatial Art (pdf)

BENJAMIN KRÄMER: Types of Statements on Emotion in Music (pdf)

ALFONSINA SCARINZI: Grounding Aesthetic Preference in the Bodily Conditions of Meaning Constitution. Towards an Enactive Approach (pdf)

RICHARD SHUSTERMAN: Back to the Future: Aesthetics Today (pdf)

Contributors (pdf)