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No. 44-45 (2013)

No. 44-45 (2012-13)

Editorial: Aesthetics and Politics (pdf)


ESTHER LESLIE: Crowds, Clouds, Politics and Aesthetics, Flipping Again (pdf)


PETER OSBORNE: Temporalization as Transcendental Aesthetics: Avant-Garde, Modern, Contemporary (pdf)


JASON E. SMITH: Form-of-Life: From Politics to Aesthetics (and Back) (pdf)


JOHAN HARTLE: The Struggle is Beautiful: On the Aesthetics of Leftist Politics (pdf)


GENE RAY: Adorno, Brecht and Debord: Three Models for Resisting the Capitalist Art System (pdf)


MIKKEL BOLT RASMUSSEN: Art, War and Counter-Images (pdf)


JACOB LUND: Artistic Re-Appropriation and Reconfiguration of the Me­dium’s Milieu (pdf)


BERNARD STIEGLER: Uncontrollable Societies of Disaffected Individuals: Disbelief and Discredit [Excerpt] (pdf)


Review: Jacob Lund, Erindringens æstetik (Jakob Lothe) (pdf)


Contributors (pdf)


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