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No. 46 (2013)

Editorial (pdf)

Nicholas Davey: Aesthetic Reasoning: A Hermeneutic Approach (pdf)

Cecilia Sjöholm: Lessing’s Laocoon: Aesthetics, Affects and Embodiment (pdf)

Bente Larsen: Eye, Matter and Interpretation (pdf)

Severin SchroedeR: Art, Value, and Function (pdf)

Claes Entzenberg: The Art to End All Arts (pdf)

Aaron Smuts: Cinematic (pdf)

Gabor Csepregi: On Musical Performance as Play (pdf)

Review Essay: In the Wake of Wagner – On Anders V. Munch’s doctoral thesis From Bayreuth to Bauhaus: The Gesamtkunstwerk and the Modern Art Forms (Anders Troelsen) (pdf)

Review: Stein Haugom Olsen and Anders Pettersson, eds.,Why Literary Studies? Raisons D’être of a Discipline (Jukka Mikkonen) (pdf)

Review: Manfred Milz, ed., Facing Mental Landscapes: Self-Reflections in the Mirror of Nature Zoltán Somhegyi (pdf)

Contributors (pdf)

Publications of Aesthetic Interest (pdf)