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No. 47 (2014)

No. 47 (2015)

Editorial (pdf)

Bernard Stiegler: Organology of Dreams and Archi-Cinema (pdf)

Mark B.N. Hansen: The Operational Present of Sensibility (pdf)

Olga Goriunova: The Force of Digital Aesthetics. On Memes, Hacking, and Individuation (pdf)

Andrea Virginás: Screens ‘As Representation’ and Screens ‘As Simulation’ in Mainstream Cinema Detection. Between Blade Runner (1982) and Splice (2009) (pdf)

Graham Harman: Materialism is Not the Solution: On Matter, Form, and Mimesis (pdf)

Robert Jackson: If Materialism Is Not The Solution, Then What Was the Problem? A Response to Harman (pdf)

Anders Johansson: Commodification and Subjectivization. Toward a Critique of the Authorship Discourse (pdf)

Review: Stefan Deines, Jasper Liptow and Martin Seel, eds., Kunst und Erfahrung: Beiträge zu einer philosophischen Kontroverse. By Mattias Pirholt (pdf)

Review: Dorota Koczanowicz and Wojciech Małecki, eds., Shusterman’s Pragmatism: Between Literature and Somaesthetics; Wojciech Małecki, Embodying Pragmatism: Richard Shusterman’s Philosophy and Literary Theory; and Richard Shusterman, Thinking Through the Body: Essays in Somaesthetics. By Max Ryynänen (pdf)

Contributors (pdf)