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No. 48 (2014)

The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics No. 48

Editorial (pdf)

Wolfgang Ernst: Towards a Media-Archaeology of Sirenic Articulations - Listening with Media-Archaeological Ears (pdf)

Karl-Heinz Frommolt and Martin Carl: The Song of the Sirens (pdf)

Wolfram Bergande: The Liquidation of Art in Contemporary Art (pdf)

Zoltan Somhegyi: Eternal Distance.  On the Significance of Window- and Cave Representations in Northern Romanticism (pdf)

James Day: Review Essay: Art History in Its Image War.  Ten recent publications on image-politics in relation to the possibility of art historical analysis (pdf)

Review: Nicholas Davey, Unfinished Worlds: Hermeneutics, Aesthetics and Gadamer (by Kalle Puolakka) (pdf)


Publications of Aesthetic Interest (pdf)

Contributors (pdf)