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No. 49-50 (2015)

The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics No. 49-50

Introduction: Art, Remembrance and History. 

Gene Ray: On the Mattering of Silence and Avowal. Joseph Beuys’ Plight and Negative Presentation in Post-1945 Visual Art (pdf)

Sven Lütticken: Apocalypse (Not) Now (pdf)

Gavin Grindon: Fantasies of Participation. The Situationist Imaginary of New Forms of Labour in Art and Politics (pdf

Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen: A Nightmare on the Brains of the Living.  Repeating the Past and Imagining a Future (pdf)

Ernst Van Alpen: The Politics of Exclusion, or, Reanimating the Archive (pdf)

Jacob Lund: The Coming Together of Times. Jean-Luc Godard’s Aesthetics of Contemporaneity and the Remembering of the Holocaust (pdf)

Terry Smith: Defining Contemporaneity: Imagining Planetarity (pdf)

Peter Osborne: Existential Urgency. Contemporaneity, Biennials and Social Form (pdf)


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