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No. 25-26 (2002)

Bernd Kleimann: "Signs of Art" (pdf)

Michael Ranta: "Categorization Research and the Concept of Art. An Empirical and Psychological Approach" (pdf)

Morten Kyndrup: "Art and the Enunciative Paradigm. Today's Objectual De-differentiation and Its Impact on Aesthetics" (pdf)

Christian Janecke: "Committed Receptacles. Schlingensief's Usage of the Container in Respect to Its Implementation in the Visual Arts" (pdf)

Susanne Jansson: "Double Dealing" (pdf)

Aleš Erjavec: "Global Aesthetics and the IAA/AIE" (pdf)

Heikki Saari : "Creating Works of Art by Interpreting Objects. A Critical Note on Arthur C. Danto's Theory of Art" (pdf)

Steinar Bøyum: "Aspekter og paradigmer. Vårt perseptuelle forhold til estetisk ekspressivitet" (pdf)

Kjell S. Johannessen: "Estetisk erfaring og kunst som erkjennelseskilde" (pdf)

Jeanette Bicknell: "Scruton on Understanding Music" (pdf)

Michael Ranta: "XVth International Congress of Aesthetics. Makuhari/Tokyo, 27-31 augusti 2001" (pdf)

Notes on Contributors (pdf)