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No. 38

No. 38 (2009)



Reinold Schmücker: “The Lord of Flaws: The Autonomy of the Artist and the Function of Art” (pdf)

Jukka Mikkonen: “Truth-Claiming in Fiction: Towards a Poetics of Literary Assertion” (pdf)

Somogy Varga: “Sub Specie Aeternitatis: An Actualization of Wittgenstein on Ethics and Aesthetics” (pdf)

Nick Zangwill: “Appropriate Musical Metaphors” (pdf)

Wojciech Małecki: “Pragmatist Aesthetics, the New Literacy, and Popular Culture” (pdf)

Stefán Snævarr: “Popular Culture” (pdf)

Kalle Puolakka: review of Hanne Appelqvist: “Wittgenstein and the Conditions of Musical Communication” (pdf)

Books received (pdf)

Contributors (pdf)